Just between us, you have probably already experienced our product, but don’t realize it. Sunrise can’t tell you who our customers are, because we make proprietary items for them, and our lips are sealed. 

We have been manufacturing chef inspired, fresh ingredient, hand-rolled products for multi-chain regional 
and national restaurants for the last 15 years. 

Sunrise is willing to co-pack under any label using proprietary recipes if required and does so in our 
35,000 square foot, modern production facility.

Take a look at the PRODUCTS page for our current line or contact us with questions regarding specialty items, private label and co-packing opportunities.

Get 50% off of our specialty items.
Sunrise Mexican Foods ®  10310 Zodiac, Dallas, TX  75229
Sunrise Manufactures USDA and FDA items. We have scored "GOLD" for many years on Silliker Audits of our plant and now have SQF Level 3 Certification.